Setting Registers

  • Module: usrp/setting_reg.v
  • Input: set_stb, set_addr and set_data
  • Output: out, changed

To enable dynamic configuration of decoding parameters at runtime, the USRP N210 provides the setting register mechanism. Most modules in OpenOFDM have three common inputs for such purpose:

  • set_stb (1): asserts high when the setting data is valid
  • set_addr (8): register address (256 registers possible in total)
  • set_data (32): the register value

Here is a list of setting registers in OpenOFDM.

Table 4 List of Setting Registers in OpenOFDM.
Name Addr Module Bit Width Default Value Description
SR_POWRE_THRES 3 power_trigger.v 16 100 Threshold for power trigger
SR_POWER_WINDOW 4 power_trigger.v 16 80 Number of samples to wait before reset the trigger signal
SR_SKIP_SAMPLE 5 power_trigger.v 32 5000000 Number of samples to skip initially
SR_MIN_PLATEAU 6 sync_short.v 32 100 Minimum number of plateau samples to declare a short preamble